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My family has been in Real Estate since the 1950's. 


I grew up with a real estate, development, design and investment, Real Estate comes as naturally to me as breathing.


My grandfather put into motion and achieved his vision of creating numerous prospering communities throughout our birthplace--the Caribbean islands of Trinidad & Tobago--building neighbourhoods, community playgrounds, shopping malls and places of worship.  

As a little girl, I was always fascinated by the miniature architectural models of these spaces, which my father designed.

My mother continues to shine impeccably with her design and colour achievements, transforming my father's architectural compositions into living spaces which any family would want their story to begin. 

My sister was named one of Canada's leading Real Estate Corporate lawyers, dealing with with billion dollar cases.  Her husband is a Commercial Realtor®, specializing in Care Homes.

I attained my Bachelor of Commerce degree from UBC, and served in the non-profit sector as Director of Marketing and Fund Development for various organizations.  I am heavily involved in my community, organizing events and advocating for various causes.  My husband is an Emergency & Trauma Physician at Royal Columbian Hospital and Eagle Ridge Hospital.  My children volunteer.  Needless to say, community wellness is extremely important to me and my family. So making YOU feel part of a strong, supportive community is important to me!


My business background, coupled with my passion for real estate, family & community strength and my own experience in investing in Real Estate for over 20 years, deciding to share my hands on expertise was a natural progression.  

I have chosen to begin a career in the real estate industry, in my mid-forties, not out of necessity but because it is a true thrill for me to see big smiles on families as I help empower them to make sound investments, build equity, be part of a community and live the motto I certainly live by... that Happiness is HOMEmade!

I have moved homes over 17 times in my life, so far.

I can share with you my knowledge and expertise. 


I can answer your questions:


When is it a good time to buy? 

How do I best prepare for a move?

Whom do I phone to notify of my move?

I have personal experience buying and selling properties as investments.


I can show you how.


I can answer your questions:

What constitutes a potentially good investment?

How much money do I need?

How do I place a rental ad?

How do I do a rental agreement?

How do I organize my rental business?

I have a 'roladex' of professionals with whom I work, trust and recommend.  You don't have to look for one on your own!

My extraordinary in-house mortgage specialist has helped many of my clients succeed in making their home ownership dreams--a reality!  Trusted, knowledgeable and personable, Gloria will set you on the right foot from the get-go!

In many cases, I work with my colleague, Geoff Jarman PREC, who has 29 years of experience as a Realtor® and a proven sales record in all market conditions.  He has been a top 1% Realtor® since 1999.  We believe that combining our unique strengths give our clients unsurpassed service and knowledge from start to finish!  Requesting our dual services costs you nothing extra than requesting a single realtor!

Other professionals include Home Inspectors, Lawyers, Language Translators, Oil Tank Surveyors and Interior Decorators, all of whom can assist you in every step of the process of selling, acquiring and living in your new home!

If you are looking to buy or sell in an area in other parts of British Columbia or throughout other areas in Canada, I will be able to refer you to a Realtor® whom I trust to take care of your needs.

Burnaby / New Westminster is an area I know well.  I have lived here for the past 15 years, worked in this area and advocated for this community.  As a resident, Realtor® and volunteer in this area, I have seen it grow and change and have had the great honour of being able to have met, spoken to and interacted with countless community members and businesses.    I am able to provide insights into what makes this community unique and special.

I genuinely love assisting people in any way I can.

I get a real surge of excitement and satisfaction when I can help someone carve out even a little notch in their pursuit of happiness.

I happily and genuinely share my knowledge, experiences and contacts.

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