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I believe...

Happiness is Homemade

By simply making small, easy changes in our life...

By devoting a small amount of time daily to certain areas of our lives,

GREAT things can happen!

Here are ways to start Living the Good LIfe this fall!




Something to think about...

                           How many times have we though that in order                             to succeed, we must compete? 

                         Last night on the news, as I watched in awe                                  snippets about my two most favourite hockey players ever--The Sedin Twins--I couldn't be happier or prouder of two magnificent human beings whose strength in their values has not only made them into eternal sport idols but also role models for all human beings. 

SFU political science professor was interviewed shortly after and he made a profound statement that really struck a chord:


Think about it.  

How can you apply this to your work to create synergy and success?

This is the absolute essence of how I operate.



Community Collaboration--always an All-Round Win!

What a fun day of community getting together for a great cause!  Here I am with my co-wickety witch, Gloria Cooper, my business partner and mobile mortgage specialist.

Gloria and I organized HALLOWEEN AT CREST PLAZA on Sat, October 27th.

Our goal was to organize a Halloween event that brought all the businesses together for a common cause--to host a safe, fun day for little trick-or-treaters in our community; provide volunteer opportunities for youth; promote the Crest Plaza businesses AND raise money and non-perishable food items for the Food Bank!

Thank you to everyone who came out to make the day such a super success!  Lots of games, prizes, treats and smiles for the whole family.

Special Thank You to Choices Market for donating a pumpkin to every little trick-or-treater and for selling hot dogs by donation.  All money raised was given to our local Food Bank.











Cutest little bumble bee trick-or-treater
With MLA Katrina Chen with her very own little Luigi!
Congratulations to the Ngwanza Family who won the 'Movie Night Out' gift basket!
Youth Volunteers from John Knox Christian School
With Sharon Gauvin from St. Michael's Parish dropping off the Food Bank donations we collected





If you are like me, you have probably looked at the crazy rise in real estate prices and wondered: "Where the heck will my children possibly be able to afford when they grow up?"

That's why, one day, even before I became a Realtor®, I decided to do something about it.  I made it my goal to, one day, somehow, to be able to purchase a condo for each of my children, so that when they grew up, we would have something in our backpocket already.

I researched and researched; I spoke with others who had done it before; I asked questions...
and....I did it.



...slow and steady wins the race.

But...there are several things to know about before you embark.

I can show you how!

I'll be happy to share with you how to make that first, but very important first step!

Just ask!


Woods with Fog


Sign our petition and make a stand for the future!

I decided a few years ago, to accept the position as one of the board members for the

Old Interurban Forest Preservation Society.  

Everywhere I look, new developments are popping up.

Now, more than ever, it is imperative that we stop for a moment and ask ourselves what is vital to our future.


One of the last few forests in Burnaby that has been untouched--so far--is the Old Interurban Forest which in nestled between Cariboo and North Road.

Please help prevent the eradication of this precious 200 acre second growth forest-- a lung for our bustling city, a place of serenity and home to numerous wildlife and natural vegetation.

Visit our facebook page and sign our petition.

 Your signature counts!





    --an in depth look at our pursuit to the intangible.  This book is not only an eye-opener but also a game changer!  See how we rate against other countries on various Happiness factors.  Meik Wiking writes in a light-hearted yet highly informative format making this an easy read. Learn SIMPLE ways to increase happiness in your life and in your community.  Definitely one of my all time favourite books.  Click on cover of book to get your copy  TODAY!

© 2020 Aruna B Khan

Feel free to join in on our loop of wonderful community members.  Find out the latest real estate news, DIY Tips for your home & community events you can take part in.  Together, we make our community thrive!

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