A Letter from a Client

Hello Aruna:

All this hard work and all these late nights working only on my list of houses, I have achieved my wish for my dream home . I am so excited to start my new life with my kids -- all because of you, my friend.

Since the day Nik told me: "I have a realtor for you; she is perfect for all your needs; she will give you the best service you need and will find you a house of your dreams for you and your kids",  you have really been this to me.

I love you for being with me to make my dreams come true.  Even when I started to beg you for ANY home, you still kept me going on the right track.  

You didn't give up.  You made me stronger and we achieved my dream.  Thank you ...forever!  

I remember the first day I set an appointment to see you at Starbucks...  We sat for two hours talking about my life and her life.  It seemed like I knew her for many years.  Not once did I talk about buying a house, until the next meeting with her at Starbucks.

She is an inspiring, brilliant woman.  I am so grateful to have a new friend like her to keep forever.  She is honest, reliable, thinks the best of the best for me at all times.  Not a day did we argue with each other.  We always agreed and decided together.  Without Aruna, I would not have achieved my goals.  

I am the happiest person today along with my kids!  Aruna, you didn't even know, we were in Maple Ridge all day.  I had to show my kids their NEW home!  Seeing the SOLD sign made me feel so excited and so proud of myself for achieving my goals! ... I just want to open that red door, move in NOW, decorate and start my new adventure!

Aruna, the best Realtor and new friend.  She is now family to my kids and to me--forever.

Trust in her.  She will bring you hope...and happiness.


-Nilam K

© 2020 Aruna B Khan

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