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A Life Map


Creating the Good Life, BC

We often hear the term "Balanced Portfolio".  And in almost all cases, it refers to having balanced, well-diversified financial investments.  For me though, a 'balance portfolio' does not stop there.  I like to apply this term in relation to how I to live my life


Throughout my life, I have been fortunate enough to learn little life secrets along the way, from so many different people.  This has helped me to create not only a mind set towards life, but a strategy towards creating and (what I call) Living the Good Life, BC!

Our lives are constantly in motion and undergoing change.  Time goes so quickly; it's often mind blowing that yet, another year, has gone by, another decade, another 25 years!... Knowing how to make little but conscious actions now towards creating happiness and security for the near and distant future, is a game changer!

We live in one of the most breathtaking places on this planet.  It isn't called, Supernatural British Columbia for nothing!  There are a plethora of reasons why we are so fortunate to live in this amazing country, in this amazing province.  This in itself, is one BIG component of our happiness factor--or at least it should be!

My father, one of my greatest teachers, told me when I was just a young teen: "Keep life simple."  At that point in time, young and naiive, with my whole future before me, I probably let that slide right over my head and grinned in agreement without really knowing what I was agreeing to.  Real life hadn't knocked so hard on my door yet.  

Fast forward to now, and boy!  Was he ever right!  Life can be so complicated.  It's complicated without us even having to do anything!  So why make the waters more murky unnecessarily?!

This is why, if I had to conceptualize my life motto, my life map, the essence of how I live my life, I can break it down into a simple illustration.  To me, living life to the fullest, is about creating balance.  That same teacher, yes, my dad, also told me, "Follow the middle path"--essentially, live life in equilibrium, in balance, not to any extreme.  Therefore, filling my various life buckets and keeping them in balance has significantly helped me maintain an underlying sense of happiness, serenity, confidence and security as I journeyed through life.  Living on this planet comes with an automatic assurance that life will be throwing you some curve balls!  We unfortunately, cannot escape these. And believe me, I have had my share!  But having that sense of security beneath me has helped me to forge through life's challenges.  I knew I had constructed my life to buffer my family and me--financially and emotionally.  I want that for you too!  

If I can help other people, other families, to consciously construct their lives, little by little, step by step, to help build security, serenity and joy, then I have fulfilled a huge part of why I work.  This Life Map of mine, is MY version of life.  There are a lot of other models out there that I'm sure are great as well.  But here is mine.  The one I have created over time.  It worked for me.  It may work for you!

My version is broken down into a simple, easy to follow format.  It consists of various life buckets we need to fill and keep in balance as best as we can.  If all your buckets are empty, then I say start with ONE!  We are not perfect.  Don't beat up yourself!  Conscious and consistent little steps have dramatic results.  I don't like to do things that feel overwhelming and that's why each bucket can be filled with EASY actions.  If you click on the tab above labelled:  "The A List",  you will see various easy steps and suggestions for filling each of these buckets.  I'll be creating new lists every now and then to keep things fresh so there is sure to be something for everyone. 

Financial tidbits you can do NOW for future financial security 

Real Estate nuggets happening NOW in our province for you to keep in mind

Charity projects in which you can participate in NOW to help...a fellow Canadian, a Canadian forest, a Canadian waterway, Canadian wildlife...

Advice, from family counsellors and other great mentors, you can apply into your life NOW to improve different areas of your life

Fun events you can attend and be part of  NOW to give you and your family some well-deserved play time

The 'A' List are all things YOU can EASILY do ON YOUR OWN, right now, to start consciously constructing your life.  'Micro Steps for Maximum Results!'


However, I know there are areas we as humans cannot do by ourselves and will need help and advice from experts.  Specifically when it comes to setting up your Financial Investments.  I can help you find trusted, in-depth, personalized assistance.  Since my specialty is Real Estate, you can reach out to me anytime and I will gladly help you with acquiring real estate for your portfolio--even when you think you can't!  For the other financial and investment areas, I will share with you all my contacts whom I have used personally, whom I trust, and who specialize in the specific areas as outlined in my Living the Good Life BC, Life Map. 


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Still need more inspiration?  It's always motivating when we see others who have achieved the good life!  It gives us that boost we need sometimes to just -- START!  So, I have gone out to look for these people, living right here in BC, and I have done quick interviews for you--so you can find out their secrets to living the good life, BC!  They are just long enough for you to feel inspired, yet short enough that you can even watch these on the go!


You'll be pleasantly surprised to find out that they are ordinary people, just like you and me!  But they have done little things and consistently built upon them.  Find out what they did and what they do now to keep Living the Good Life, BC!  I'll be posting these videos soon so SUBSCRIBE NOW so you will be the first to gain access!

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