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This is not just about real estate...

               it's about a lifestyle!

Dispersing Seed Donations in Old Interurban Forest

I have my Bachelors Degree in Marketing and a diploma in Design.  My passion is seeing people use their talents and interests to make a positive impact in this world.  I have used mine to make a difference in my life and the lives of others.  THIS is exciting to me.  

  • I was the Director of Marketing & Fund Development for two non-profit organizations helping women rebuild their lives and helping children with learning disabilities.  

  • I helped to establish the Home Economic department in a school for children with disabilities, The Third Academy, in Calgary, Alberta.  I taught these children how to sew.  We made millennium quilts for the Children's Hospital in Calgary, Alberta.  The children felt so capable and proud--and they had every reason to!  

  • I have been on television, written for newspapers and magazines, held workshops and had my artwork displayed throughout galleries in Vancouver.  

  • I have established an organization which unites knitters with hospitals and other organizations to help their clients or patients.   If you are interested in participating, contact me!  (www.HCKids.weebly.com) .  

  • I have, with my sisters, been manufacturing down-filled baby sleepsacks, to help babies be safe while they sleep.  Bisous Baby Sleepsacks and sold to various parts of the world.  In fact, our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, was gifted one from his friend, when he had children!

  • I am a Board Member of the Old Interurban Forest Preservation Society.  Our goal is to get the City of Burnaby to designate a 200 acre forest in the Cariboo Heights area as Non-Developmental area--a permanent park.  (Currently, it is on the books for a 100 acre eradication!) If you are interested in helping to save this forest, sign our petition--log onto our Facebook Page: The Old Interurban Forest Preservation Society. 

  • I am a Co-Blockwatch Captain for my neighbourhood in Burnaby and take great pleasure in helping to keep our families safe and in helping to create a close-knit group with whom all neighbours can all rely on.  

My friends, colleagues and contacts cover a wide range of backgrounds and specialties.  I treat my clients the way I would with my closest circle of friends--with utmost care and access to all my contacts.  When you work with me, you work with ALL my contacts.


Being part of our community, giving back and being a partner for positive change while enjoying the benefits of building equity.

Want to join me?

Soaking up our West Coast natural beauty with my son

Presentation to

City of Burnaby 

Empowering Kids to be Community Changers!

Knitted Itty Bitty Blanket Donations for Pre-Mature Babies at Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminster

Dispersing Seed Donations in Old Interurban Forest

Soaking up our West Coast natural beauty with my son

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